How to set up an art gallery?

Art is the passion of many. Many people have the dream of having an art gallery. But it is something that cannot be improvised. It is also something that requires a variety of skills and the respect of a procedure. But how to constitute an art gallery? That’s what we’ll see in this article.

Carry out certain administrative steps

Establishing an art gallery is not for everyone. There is a procedure to follow. First of all, you must know that there are administrative tasks to be carried out. Indeed, the one who wants to constitute an art gallery wants to set up a company. However, the establishment of a company is governed by the legislation in force in each state. Thus, in this case, it is mandatory to draft the articles of association of the art company. Once the articles of association have been drawn up, they must be registered with the company’s tax department. After the registration of the articles of association, you must then go to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to complete the formalities for the declaration of the gallery. This declaration is made at the center of business formalities.
Moreover, after this declaration and the eight days that follow the day of the declaration, the body that is responsible for distributing the works of art of the various companies that are regularly registered and declared has the obligation to declare itself to the House of Artists. From that moment on, you exist in the eyes of the law.

Preparing your art gallery project

After the administrative steps, the next step is to prepare and examine the project of your art gallery. Indeed, the preparation of your art project consists in explaining your idea and your objective in detail. This allows you to know in advance the various obligations that weigh on you. After knowing these constraints, it is now necessary to define the offer and especially to think about implementing an artistic strategy for the gallery.
After the latter, we must now focus on the legal and fiscal aspects of the gallery. Here, you choose a legal status for your gallery. And it is this status that allows you to set a level of taxation for your profit.